100% Pure Moringa

Balance your blood sugar levels, have a happier outlook and enjoy improved joint mobility, while looking and feeling younger!

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100% P​​​​ure Moringa

Drop the weight and get the body you’ve been working for with this eastern wonder!

Eastern cultures have used the leaves, roots and bark of the incredible Moringa Oleifera tree for centuries to balance blood sugar, promote feelings of happiness and look and feel younger. Bursting with vitamins, minerals, essential phytochemicals and amino acids, 100% Pure Moringa is the perfect supplement to help you feel great as you lose weight like never before.

What is Moringa?

The essential nutrients and vitamins present in Moringa come from the leaves and seed pods of the moringa oleifera tree, sometimes called the horseradish tree, drumstick tree or ben oil tree. This miraculous tree is native to India, but it also grows abundantly in tropical portions of Africa, South America, and Asia.

What makes our 100% Pure Moringa special is its powerful combination of nutrients that remain even when dried:

Vitamin A

Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6

Vitamin C





Magnesium & Potassium

It’s no surprise that this true superfood has virtually unlimited health benefits.

Why People Love Moringa

Moringa brings tons of beneficial effects to the table.
Reduced Blood Sugar

Moringa has a significant effect on the body’s blood sugar levels, helping in both weight loss and medical conditions where blood sugar control is vital, such as diabetes.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Moringa promotes good heart health in myriad ways, from reducing oxidative stress to increasing red blood cell production. Getting rid of bad cholesterol is something that every heart loves.

Anti-aging and Cancer-fighting Properties

Thanks to a number of powerful antioxidants and niazimicin, which is believed to reduce the formation of cancer cells, Moringa Oleifera protects every cell and organ in your body from DNA-related damage and aging.

Antibiotic, Antibacterial and Anti-Parasitic Effects

A natural antibiotic, moringa reduces the chance of infections throughout the body. This promotes good health in your digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems.

Reduced Inflammation and Joint Pain

The isothiocyanates in Moringa naturally counteract inflammation-producing compounds present in the body. Normally, these immune system components, called cytokines, only produce swelling when you’re sick. With conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, however, your body’s immune system attacks itself and inflammation goes haywire. Since Moringa helps to block the action of cytokines, it can reduce swelling and provide significant relief for severe muscle and joint pain.

Neurovascular Health

The antioxidants and hormone-balancing components present in moringa take amazing care of your brain’s neurons and neurotransmitters. By maintaining brain cells in optimal condition, this nutritious plant can increase concentration and memory. It even appears to assist in Alzheimer’s disease.

Better Digestive Health

A combination of helpful nutrients and special phytochemical compounds alleviates general digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea and protects your gastrointestinal organs from more serious conditions, such as ulcers and intestinal spasms.

Kidney Protection

Consuming Moringa Oleifera supplements reduces your risk of kidney stones significantly. Moringa also protects your kidneys, and liver, from toxins.

Feel Happier Wi​​​​th Natural Ingredients

One of the biggest benefits of Moringa Oleifera is its effect on your happiness. 

There are four ways Moringa can help you to feel better and overcome temporary bouts of sadness and longer periods of depression:

Serotonin is sometimes called the “happy hormone” because a higher amount leads to an increased sensation of peace and wellbeing. Moringa boosts serotonin levels while reducing stress and anxiety. The best part is that it does all of this naturally!

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How Ca​​​​​n​​​​ Moringa Improve Your Life?

The high nutrient content of Moringa makes it a great addition to a healthy diet. This dynamic plant watches strengthens your immune system, eyesight and internal organs. Here are some specific benefits: 

If Your Current Medical Treatment Causes Damaging Side Effects

At Science Natural Supplements, we always recommend talking to your doctor before starting any new supplements to avoid any negative interactions. In many cases, the polyphenols in Moringa can be helpful in counteracting side effects from prescription medications, providing increased protection to your liver, kidneys and heart.

If You Have Diabetes

There are two huge benefits of moringa that help you to deal with diabetes effectively. First, the nutrients and phytochemicals present lower your overall blood sugar, reducing the symptoms you have to fight. Second, Moringa boosts your natural healing ability, assisting in curing persistent wounds that may appear as a side effect of diabetes.

If Digestive Issues Appear Frequently

Thanks to significant antibacterial and antibiotic action, Moringa improves stomach health and your innate resistance to infections. In addition, its abundant nutrients protect the lining of your stomach and intestinal tract and help them to function properly. This can provide fantastic relief for people with gastritis, ulcerative colitis (UC) and intestinal spasms.

If You Suspect You’re Going Through Menopause

Hormones are directly related to your emotions and the functioning of your body’s systems, so constantly shifting levels can wreak havoc with your comfort. Moringa can alleviate a number of symptoms related to menopause by balancing hormones and blood sugar levels, increasing the amount of anti-aging antioxidants present in the body and improving your hemoglobin levels for more energy!

If You Feel
Depressed or Sad

Moringa boosts the amount of serotonin present in your brain, which naturally leads to feelings of wellbeing and happiness that give you a brighter outlook. Simply put, this miracle plant makes you feel happier. A number of studies suggest that Moringa can also enhance the effects of other antidepressants, increasing the benefits received by people who have chronic depression as well.

If You’re Focused on Losing Weight

Are you going all out on a weight-loss plan, eating healthy and trying to exercise regularly? Moringa supplements can give you the edge you need to break through. This nutritious plant is a major help in losing weight and, most importantly, helping you to keep it off for good. It does this by reducing harmful cholesterol and cutting down on blood sugar, which normally turns into fat.

Is There Anything I Should Know Before Taking Moringa?

At Science Natural Supplements, we always prioritize your health above all else. That’s why our 100% Pure Moringa uses Moringa leaves that offer optimal amounts of healthy phytochemicals. Never try to eat or boil Moringa root, which can be toxic.

We also recommend that pregnant women avoid using Moringa, unless directed otherwise by their doctor, because the plant may induce contractions. Some nursing mothers prefer to avoid Moringa while breastfeeding since there isn’t much scientific evidence yet about its effects on infants.

Trustworthy Scientific Evidence

It’s true, at Science Natural Supplements we’re hyped about Moringa. But we always make sure our products have solid scientific evidence to back them up. Here’s why we know that Moringa can help:

Promotes Weight Loss

Mice fed a very high fat diet who were given Moringa extract experienced a very significant reduction in weight gain compared with the control group. They also demonstrated improved glucose tolerance and cholesterol levels.

Lowers Inflammation

Rats with colitis that were given a daily dose of Moringa Oleifera showed effectively lower amounts of inflammation and edema (swelling) than the control groups.

Slows Premature Aging

Healthy volunteers were given creams, one containing Moringa extract, the other without. After three months of applying the Moringa extract cream to one side of their faces, subjects demonstrated that Moringa extract is capable of revitalizing the skin and reducing signs of skin aging.

Enhances Mood

Depressed mice who received Moringa leaf extract showed significant changes in all tested activities after 14 days.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

In a study of women 50-60 years old, those taking lycopene supplements showed significantly lower oxidative stress through blood samples taken at 2 and 4 months than the control group.

The Science Natural Supplements Promise

We truly believe in our products completely, and we go above and beyond to provide you with the highest-quality natural ingredients possible.

All of our products are manufactured using a Certified Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP).

All manufacturing takes place in the USA under the highest FDA standards.

100 percent vegan friendly and cruelty free.

None of our supplements contain any GMOs.

In  order to ensure pure, consistent, trustworthy products, we have an independent firm perform regular analysis.

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