Digestive Enzymes

Get Your Digestion on Track and start getting the most out of the food you eat to ignite your potential!

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Digestive Enzymes

Get the most out of the food you eat and ignite
your digestive potential!

Whether you’re starting a cleanse, detox or weight-loss program, if you’re not absorbing the nutrients in the food that you eat, you’re setting yourself up for vitamin deficiencies and a host of digestive issues, including bloating and cramping.

Digestive Enzymes-Makzyme Pro Enzyme Blend with Papain is a potent formula that combines powerful enzymes, including inflammation reducing papain, with synergistic probiotics. The enzymes speed up chemical reactions in your digestive system.

Our unique formula ignites your metabolism and enhances your digestion so your body can reach its full potential. Digestive Enzymes-Makzyme Pro Enzyme Blend with Papain helps: Lower Inflammation, Increase Muscle Mass, Reduce Bloating, Reduce Constipation, Break Down Milk Proteins.

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What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Enzymes are body proteins that assist with deconstruction, manufacturing and other chemical reactions. Some enzymes break down food particles into smaller components that the body can use. These are called digestive enzymes. The resulting fragments are utilized in everything from cellular regeneration and DNA creation to energy production and red blood cell building.

There are a number of essential digestive enzymes that play distinctive parts every time you eat:

Protease Helps You Digest Protein
Amylase Assists in Digestion of Carbohydrates
Lipase Breaks Down Fats and Oils
Lactase Is Used to 
Digest Milk Sugars
Alpha Galactosidase Targets Carbohydrates in Legumes

Having the enzymes you need is vital for your body to carry out its functions correctly, and also makes eating your favorite meals much more enjoyable.

Are Digestive Enzymes the Same Thing as Probiotics?

While both are designed to help your gastrointestinal system function smoothly, probiotics and digestive enzymes work differently. Probiotics strengthen your intestinal flora and protect your stomach lining, while digestive enzymes focus directly on breaking down food into useable nutrients.

Break Down Milk Proteins Quickly and Comfortably

Lactose intolerance is a relatively common problem in the United States, so if enjoying your favorite flavor of ice cream or eating tantalizing cheeses results in immediate pain, cramps, bloating or diarrhea, you’re not alone. Why does this happen?

Simply put, milk isn’t easy for your body to digest. Its tendency to form spherical curds means your gastrointestinal system needs large amounts of lactase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down milk sugars, to get the job done. Many people don’t produce enough lactase without outside assistance.

The supplemental fungal lactase and lactobacillus acidophilus in Digestive Enzymes is designed to give your body an extra helping hand in lactose deconstruction, reducing or eliminating negative symptoms entirely. This means you can eat the things you love, with the people you love, pain free and happy.

Stimulate Better Digestion Naturally

Making sure you’re getting sufficient enzymes via natural dietary supplements and a healthy diet can assist with many digestive issues and improve your overall sensation of well-being:

Relief From Bloating

Gas and bloating are often related to improper or incomplete digestion of the foods you eat, such as legumes, protein or green vegetables. With the right enzymes working properly, you can carry out your daily routine, at your speed, without having to deal with discomfort and pain.

Increased Muscle Mass

Like a complex factory that relies on raw materials and fuel to operate, your body needs a good supply of proteins and amino acids to assemble new muscle and repair existing structures. Digestive enzymes are what make your body’s construction plans happen, providing both materials and fuel for healthy growth.

Better Nutrient Absorption

When your digestive system can fully utilize vitamins and other vital compounds contained in the foods you eat, it boosts the performance of every part of the body, from your immune system to your brain.

More Energy

Another happy side effect of having a topnotch digestive team is an increase in the amount of energy available after eating. With better processing of foods comes additional adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the main fuel that gives your cells energy.

Reduced constipation

Undigested foods can accumulate in your intestinal tract, leading to bowel problems or constipation. Digestive enzymes have a cleansing effect on your intestines and reduce inflammation, making bowel movements more comfortable and regular.

At Science Natural Supplements, we help you get these important enzymes in completely natural ways, such as with bromelain from pineapple and papain from the papaya fruit. These natural sources give you all of the benefits with no negative side effects.

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Who Should Take Digestive Enzymes?

While digestive enzymes aren’t designed to cure serious digestive conditions—some of which may stem from genetic functioning—they can have a noticeable effect on your comfort and wellbeing.

You have a busy schedule

A healthy diet provides many essential enzymes. If a complex work schedule or long commute makes it hard to cook meals from scratch or eat the foods you want, enzyme supplements can be a lifesaver.

You dislike raw vegetables

Unfortunately, enzymes are only present in raw veggies, not their cooked cousins. Thanks to an enzyme supplement, however, you can eat your vegetables however you prefer and still get the proteins you need.

You are lactose intolerant

Thanks to modern science, you’re not stuck with the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Taking a capsule of Digestive Enzymes with meals can provide relief that feels practically miraculous.

You deal with acid reflux

Chronic heartburn is often caused by improperly digested foods. A full complement of enzymes that break down proteins (protease) and fats (lipase) can provide significant relief, and there are no negative side effects to daily use.

You have an inflammatory bowel disease

Bromelain appears to alleviate the symptoms of various types of inflammatory bowel diseases, including ulcerative colitis (UC). Also, because milk sugars tend to make UC worse, having plenty of lactase available can also improve symptoms.

You have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

It’s papaya’s turn to shine. Papain soothes digestive issues associated with IBS. It’s true that sticking to a good diet is also important, but papain can make a big difference.

Trustworthy Health Benefits

At Science Natural Supplements, we check scientific research carefully before recommending our products for use. We don’t make sweeping claims about celiac disease relief, for example, if the evidence isn’t there to back it up. Instead, all of our natural supplements feature high-quality ingredients with a proven history of effectiveness:

Lowers Inflammation

An animal study revealed that subjects receiving papaya extract showed significantly reduced swelling from day 4 to day 10 of the study, compared with a control group.

Increases Muscle Mass

After a six-week study, researchers found that mice given Lactobacillus Plantarum had a decreased final body weight and increased relative muscle weight, compared to the control group.

Reduces Bloating

A randomized, double-blind trial found that abdominal bloating improved in subjects treated with Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis after six weeks and improved further at 8 weeks.

Reduces Constipation

Volunteers were given either a papain-containing supplement or placebo for 40 days. At the end of the trial, subjects reported significant improvements in constipation and bloating.

Helps Break Down Milk Proteins

Researchers measured the amount of hydrogen in the breath of test subjects daily for 6 days. Lactobacillus acidophilus improved the body’s ability to utilize lactose immediately and did not require milk to be consumed daily.

The Science Natural Supplements Promise

We truly believe in our products completely, and we go above and beyond to provide you with the highest-quality natural ingredients possible.

All of our products are manufactured using a Certified Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP).

All manufacturing takes place in the USA under the highest FDA standards.

100 percent vegan friendly and cruelty free.

None of our supplements contain any GMOs.

In  order to ensure pure, consistent, trustworthy products, we have an independent firm perform regular analysis.

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