Supercharge Fat-Burning Ketosis Without Worrying About the “Keto Flu”

BHB Keto-Salts Factor

Give your body the best fuel with high-energy BHB ketones instead of sugar. Experience all the weight-loss benefits of amazing keto while improving your mental focus, stamina and mood. BHB Keto-Salts Factor turns on your body’s ketosis machine without triggering the “keto flu.”

Get Serious About ​Ketosis

BHB Keto-Salts Factor

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If you’re wondering why I am doing this, the answer is simple: I believe in these products, so I am willing to take All The Risk so you will start living healthier today.

If you are wondering why I am doing this the answer is simple.  I believe in these products so much I am taking ALL THE RISK so you will start living healthier today.

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How Often Should You Take BHB Keto-Salts Factor?

BHB Keto-Salts Factor adapts to your lifestyle. The amount you need to take depends on your body’s energy requirements and your total carb intake. Take two capsules together at least once a day. For help avoiding the symptoms of “keto flu,” you can take two in the morning, two with lunch and two before supper — up to six capsules a day.

We always recommend talking with your doctor before starting a keto diet or increasing your ketone intake. People with diabetes need to control the amount of ketones in the bloodstream carefully, and people with high blood pressure need to be careful with the total amount of salt consumed. For healthy individuals, however, keto salts are a great way to supercharge the weight loss from a keto diet.

Take Your Keto Weight Loss to the Next Level

Keto is an effective, scientifically proven way to lose weight. Unlike fad diets, keto helps your body to stay fit for long-term weight loss. At Science Natural Supplements, we want to help you reach your personal goals. That’s why we have a large range of keto products that adapt to your lifestyle and needs, including organic coconut oil for getting healthy MCT fats for maximum burning. Let us help you create a personalized keto plan. Give us a call for one-on-one assistance.