Supercharge Fat-Burning Ketosis Without Worrying About the “Keto Flu”

BHB Keto-Salts Factor

Give your body the best fuel with high-energy BHB ketones instead of sugar. Experience all the weight-loss benefits of amazing keto while improving your mental focus, stamina and mood. BHB Keto-Salts Factor turns on your body’s ketosis machine without triggering the “keto flu.”

Get Serious About ​Ketosis

BHB Keto-Salts Factor

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BHB Keto-Salts Factor

Boost Your Ketone Levels by Over 300%!

Successful keto weight loss is all about the ketones in your blood. Ketones are created when your body needs to burn fat cells for fuel instead of glucose. These tiny components provide energy to many different body systems. The harder your muscles work, the more ketones they need, which means more fat burning! This process is known as ketosis, and it’s the secret to why the keto diet is so popular for weight loss.

With our BHB Keto-Salts Factor, you give your body a power boost when you need it the most. That way, when you’re running low on ketones, you can add fuel naturally to avoid negative symptoms. BHB is extremely effective for supercharging energy levels during a keto diet, increasing the amount of ketones in your blood by a whopping 300% or more!

What Is BHB?

BHB is also called beta-hydroxybutyrate, 3-hydroxybutyric acid and 3HB. BHB is one of the body’s main ketones, making up about 78% of the total ketones in your blood. Ketone salts are known as exogenous ketones, which means that they’re created outside of your body. Our BHB Keto-Salts Factor binds BHB to magnesium, calcium and sodium, which gives the compound an improved taste and helps your body absorb the ketones quickly.

BHB floats around in the bloodstream (unlike carbs, which get turned into fat deposits) until your metabolism needs energy. The more ketones you have, the easier it is for your muscles to stay active. BHB is also vital for keeping your brain operating at peak condition.

The Best Way To Avoid the “Keto Flu”

One of the main challenges in starting a keto diet is the initial period when your body begins switching from glucose to ketones. When you’re used to eating a lot of carbs and suddenly reduce your intake to 20–50 grams a day, the body can go through some symptoms that feel like withdrawal. Your muscles hurt, you feel terrible, you have headaches and nausea, and you’re irritable. This is commonly called the “keto flu,” and it’s not much fun.

The “keto flu” is caused when your body can’t find enough fuel sources. At the beginning of a keto diet, you still haven’t created sufficient ketones from fat, and sugar levels from carbs are very low. That’s why our BHB Keto-Salts Factor is so amazing for keto! By supplementing ketone levels naturally, you provide an alternate energy source while transitioning into full-time ketosis. Instead of getting stuck in bed with the “keto flu,” BHB gives you the energy you need to concentrate at work, hang out with friends and live your life the to the full.

Products Benefits

What Are the Benefits of BHB Keto Salts?

In addition to giving you a great source of extra fuel while getting started with keto, BHB provides other great health benefits:

Easier ketosis:

The main purpose of the keto diet is to teach your body to burn up that belly fat instead of carbs. Your body starts using exogenous ketones as fuel almost immediately. This can kickstart ketosis even if you’re still getting used to cutting down on carbs.

Electrolyte boost:

Electrolytes play a large role in helping your body run smoothly. They’re essential for your brain, nerves, heart, muscles and digestive system. If you do a lot of exercise or tend to get dehydrated, replenishing electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium and calcium is critical for avoiding cramps.

Better energy levels:

Burning ketones for fuel instead of glucose can gives you long-term energy. With sugars, you get an exciting rush, but it doesn’t take long for your body to crash and make you feel sleepy. That doesn’t happen with ketones. They deliver energy steadily throughout the day.

Weight loss:

Some scientists believe that the weight-loss associated with the keto diet is directly tied to having enough ketones. Having lots of these energy packets may push your body to consume more fat than normal. It’s possible that ketones activate brown adipose tissue, which helps you burn calories and generate heat.

Antioxidant cell protection:

Magnesium is one of the most important antioxidants. It plays a major role in keeping your cells healthy. Some studies suggest that magnesium helps prevent hearing loss, lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes, lowers your blood pressure and contributes to strong bones.

Mental focus:

Your brain loves ketones. BHB salts can improve your mental focus, give you a happier outlook and help you concentrate on difficult tasks. Say goodbye to brain “fog” and fatigue; wake up alert and ready to go.

Decreased appetite:

Ketones help you to feel full. This cuts down significantly on the munchies during the day. Losing weight is much easier when you don’t have to deal with sugar cravings. This is especially helpful for people cutting down on carbs.

Keto flexibility:

BHB helps you get into ketosis even if your body still has carbs present. You can still lose weight while transitioning into a low-carb diet, and you don’t have to worry if you break the rules every once in a while.


​Get Serious About ​Ketosis

BHB Keto-Salts Factor

Only $49.99!


Who Can Benefit From BHB Keto-Salts Factor?

Ketones are one of the best energy sources possible. They’re awesome for keto diets and great for feeling energized without the crash of sugar. It’s no surprise that BHB salts are one of the hottest trends with keto pros and beginners alike:

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts

Keto dieters who take a weekend break

Busy individuals who want to lose weight

People getting ready for vacation

People just starting keto

Get into ketosis whether you’re lifting weights or working at your computer. Our BHB Keto-Salts Factor uses real science to help you meet your weight loss goals.

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If you are wondering why I am doing this the answer is simple.  I believe in these products so much I am taking ALL THE RISK so you will start living healthier today.

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How Often Should You Take BHB Keto-Salts Factor?

BHB Keto-Salts Factor adapts to your lifestyle. The amount you need to take depends on your body’s energy requirements and your total carb intake. Take two capsules together at least once a day. For help avoiding the symptoms of “keto flu,” you can take two in the morning, two with lunch and two before supper — up to six capsules a day.

We always recommend talking with your doctor before starting a keto diet or increasing your ketone intake. People with diabetes need to control the amount of ketones in the bloodstream carefully, and people with high blood pressure need to be careful with the total amount of salt consumed. For healthy individuals, however, keto salts are a great way to supercharge the weight loss from a keto diet.

Take Your Keto Weight Loss to the Next Level

Keto is an effective, scientifically proven way to lose weight. Unlike fad diets, keto helps your body to stay fit for long-term weight loss. At Science Natural Supplements, we want to help you reach your personal goals. That’s why we have a large range of keto products that adapt to your lifestyle and needs, including organic coconut oil for getting healthy MCT fats for maximum burning. Let us help you create a personalized keto plan. Give us a call for one-on-one assistance.