Heart Wrenching Story for ​Anyone ​Who Forgets ​Their ​Keys… 

Discover The Weird Way This 67
Year Old Woman Restores
Her Memory

Now she beats her daughter at ​Jeopardy!
With a violent slap across my face...
The stranger screams at me:
“Mom, it’s me, Cindy.
I’m your daughter, don’t you remember me?”
Now the stranger starts crying
“Please Mom, say something!
Don’t you remember how to speak?”
… This is how my story begins.

With my daughter slapping me across the face, looking for some sign of recognition.

But the truth is, I didn’t know her. 

In fact, I didn’t know anyone in that room.

Even though everyone in family was there...  I had no memory of knowing them at any point in my life.

… to me, they felt like strangers. 


Because like 50 million others, I was losing my mind to age related memory loss… and I was only in my mid 60s.

How did it happen?

Well, it starts with little things.  “Senior moments.”

You forget your keys. 

Or you stop mid-sentence because you can’t remember what you were talking about.

Sometimes you might walk into a room and forget why you walked into it. 

Soon it gets more serious. 

You leave the oven on when you leave the house. 

You leave the sink running until it overflows and water pours onto the floor. 

Your family talks about past vacations and pleasant memories… and you play it off like you remember, but the truth is… you don’t...

Sadly, if you follow the mainstream media or traditional medical advice, you might think that this is only reversible through prescription drugs… or that it’s not reversible at all… 

But that’s a lie!

You can support a healthy memory… and defend against lost memories before it gets as bad as what happened to me...

Without wasting your time with sudoku or medications.

And without risking your health at all.

I know, because I did it.

And if it wasn’t true, then I would not be able to deliver this message to you now. 

Which is why you must read this until it’s very end.

Because if you want to keep your memory into your 60s, 70s, 80,s and even 90s… then this will be the most important page you will ever see. 

You see, I have a new secret to both defending against memory loss as well as reversing the downward spiral of forgetfulness and the social isolation that comes with it.

Here’s what this is all about: 

A new secret solution restored my memory to what it was before I ever forgot my daughters face or name…

Before I was forced into a nursing home, away from everyone I know and love.

And before I became a terrible burden to everyone else around me.

And it can do the same for you even if your memory is only beginning to go… 

In fact, the best thing about this solution is how it defends against losing your memory.

I discovered it thanks to a young man named Cody Bramlett, who I will introduce you to in just a second. 

But first let me explain how this solution works.  It’s very simple.

You see, it was only about 34 days ago that I had a momentary lapse in memory so bad… I even forgot my own daughter.

I remember it now (which is surprising)... 

I remember everything.

At the time, I didn’t know anyone’s face.  The doctor showed everyone pictures of my brain side by side with a healthy brain. 

Mine looked like a little raisin.

And all because I lacked “the brain vitamin” and a few key ingredients that I would learn about from Cody…

Let me explain:

The solution I am about to reveal is a combination of little known compounds that naturally support a healthy memory by working with the processes already at work in your body. 

With folks who have memory troubles, these processes stop or slow down with old age. 

But the amazing solution I am sharing with you here gets those processes to start back up… like putting your foot down on the accelerator of a car. 

And it’s been scientifically proven to repair the damages that happen over the years of living without these compounds and these processes. 

When this happens...

It dramatically supports a healthy memory… so much that things you’ve already forgotten can come back to you as early as the next morning…

You’ll be free of brain fog and confusion and actually find you are sharper than people who used to run mental circles around you…

And you will have the focus and clarity of someone half your age… take it from me… I am 67 and my youngest daughter, Cindy, still can’t believe I beat her in Jeopardy...

But you should know something: 

These results are not unique to me.

As soon as Cody and I saw how amazing this solution works we have been sharing with thousands of people across the planet and everyone who tries it is thrilled with their results…

I could show you stacks of mail from all the happy people thanking us…

Would you like to be one of those people?  I know I would have given anything to stopped my memory from leaving me that day. 

And when I think about what I put my daughter and the rest of my family through when I had to be put in a nursing home, I tremble with regret. 


You will never hear about this from your doctor.

And you will never see anything about it on the news. 

The fact is, nobody in the world of television or pharmaceuticals wants this information to get out. 

And it’s simply because they want you to forget.

Think about it.

The big pharmaceutical companies, the healthcare industry with ​the Affordable Care Act, not to mention the nursing homes that cost your family a fortune.

They make quite a bit of money
if you start to lose your mind…

And as long as you don’t know about a solution, they continue to profit. 

It makes me sick.  But it’s the truth.


Even now they want this page taken down so that people like you are forced out of your mind… and into a nursing home….

… so that you remember nothing of your family…

Nothing of your children…

And nothing of your youth…

Until you need to be wheeled around and taken care of like a child in a stroller. 

Imagine their anger when they stumbled across my secret...

Especially when it’s been proven that my solution is better than theirs… and unlike their solutions, mine is guaranteed.

If you’re anything like me, that sounds a heck of a lot better than the awful drugs they’re selling. 

And it’s certainly better than the embarrassment of being known for your poor memory…

It’s sad.  They either want you to take their drugs... or… accept that memory decline runs in your family…

And let the same fate wash over you until you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror.

Can you imagine that fate?

Your memory slips so far that you get start yelling at the people you are supposed to love and care for… all because you can’t remember them…

And because you are so terrified that things you used to do with ease are now extremely difficult if not impossible.

You can’t drive.
You can’t go to the store.
You can’t be trusted to answer the phone.

That’s not what I want for you which is why I have made it my life’s mission to do two things:

The first mission is to get this message to you…

I’ll tell you the ridiculous, even terrifying story that shows how I came across this incredible solution and why it is changing the lives - and restoring the memories of- countless good people across the world.

And the second mission is to show you how to get your hands on this amazing solution without spending a penny unless it revolutionizes the health and power of your memory.

Before I go any further, allow me to introduce the marvelous young man who helped me restore my memory. 

His name is Cody Bramlett. 

And if it wasn’t for him, I would probably be in sanita hills nursing home, drooling over myself and getting fed the mush from their cafeteria.

Instead, I am home with my kids and grandkids, where I belong.

But for awhile, that was a forgotten dream…

I was wheeled through the nursing room hallways like a mindless child… completely out of control of my own life…

Everything was done for me… I felt like a prisoner without an escape.

And it was only because of Cody that I got out...

You see, Cody visited the nursing home where I was living soon after my family left me there. 

Up to that point, I had been happily married for more than 35 years. 


I was a new grandma.

And I was looking forward to living out the rest of my golden years traveling and spending my time with my family.

I never gave my memory a second thought.  Which is pretty ironic now that I look back on it…

But over the years... 

I should have noticed it.

Especially because this sort of thing has run in my family for quite some time…

For me, like everybody else…

​It starts small.

You forget a person’s name when you see them at the supermarket.  That’s normal right?

And then you can’t remember some of your computer passwords, which is just a little odd, because you used to remember it, didn’t you?

And then you really start to notice it... almost like a light switch that’s suddenly turned off and you’re left in darkness. 

I remember one day getting into the car with my daughter and I was going to drive us to lunch. 

At my age, I thought I would have another 20 years of driving ahead of me if I knocked on wood.

But that day we got in the car, I closed the door and became confused...

I looked down at the key in my hand and then at the keyhole and I knew it should go in there…

But for some strange reason… I couldn’t remember what to do?

My daughter looked at me as if I had two heads!

I remember putting in the key and then for the life of me, I couldn’t think of what to do next. 

I was sitting there, in the car, it was filled with gas, but I was unable to go anywhere because I couldn’t simply turn the key and put the car in drive. 

“Everything ok mom?” she asked…

I had to hide it.  It would be too humiliating to say I didn’t know what to do so I just said “you know, I’m feeling a bit sick.  Do you mind driving?”

And my shame stayed a secret, but this started happening more and more often until I could no longer hide it.

Finally, I decided to do something.

So I went do the doctor who screened me for memory troubles. 

And he gave me the worst news you could possibly give someone…

He said my brain was losing its ability to remember things…

I said, “what do you mean it looks bad”

And he just responded, “I’m going to give you something… but we need to call a family member.  I can’t let you drive home alone.”


That hit me like a ton of bricks.

All my life I was independent and now all of a sudden I needed to be watched by my family and take “something” to keep me from losing what was left of my memory.

What was happening to me?

And still, after I started, things didn’t improve.

My life went from something I looked forward to… thinking of all the things I would do in the future, the time i would enjoy with my grandchildren and children. 

Now all I saw in my future was darkness.

Everyone started treating me like a child who could not help herself. 

They wouldn’t let me so much as walk into a room without them.  

They would ask me condescending questions like “mom did you remember to brush your teeth?” 

Or give me reminders like, “Mom don’t forget to shower today.” 

And just... the craziest things. 

But then one day I realized why.

You see, as we were all sitting in the living room and watching a movie, I suddenly forgot my daughter’s name. 

She was sat beside me.  And I knew she was my daughter, somehow. 

But for some reason when she got up and asked me if I wanted a glass of water, I became paralyzed with confusion. 

The thought in my mind was...

“I know your face, and I know your my daughter… but I don’t know your name.”

It was terrifying as much as it was frustrating. 

And all I could do was lash out.  I am so embarrassed about it now but I yelled at her. 

I said, “Leave me alone!” 

I didn’t want to yell at her or be angry, but I was just so scared of not knowing her name.

It’s not easy for me to talk about, but in just a few weeks, my memory would be so far gone that I would not only forget her name… I would forget her face… I would forget she was my daughter… and worst of all…

I would forget I even had a daughter.

It was only momentary… it almost felt like I’d hit my head and the world was different.

But even though my children were the light of my life, they would be erased from my mind and leave me in a lonely, festering pool of social isolation. 

I did not belong anywhere.  Just an old lady who forgot the people who loved her…

Finally, they decided I needed to be “returned” or “tucked away” and “taken care of” in an ice-cold nursing home…

Even though it cost them a fortune, that’s what they decided to do... because they simply didn’t have the time and energy to take care of little old me anymore.

So that night, they delivered me to the sanita hills nursing home, where I would live out the rest of my days… with only the occasional visit from my family.

Just as I forgot all of them…

My entire family would forget about me.

Now, I didn’t know what was happening. 

I could just feel a sense of despair throughout my entire body. 

I remember crying and screaming “No, I want to go home!” when they pulled me from the car and brought me up the steps of the nursing home.

My heart was broken.  Why did they want to get rid of me?

I didn’t understand it at the time. 

But it had to happen if I was ever going to catch a lucky break… and meet Cody… who had a memory solution that would change my life forever.

Almost as soon as my family left me there...

A young man named Cody Bramlett showed up with the promise of a solution that would give me back my life… my family… and everything I ever loved about life…

He was a stranger at the time. 

But he was in the nursing home investigating some things about memory loss with a team of researchers… because he believed there was something that the rest of the world was missing.

When he came over to me, I still could not speak, but he talked to me in a way I hadn’t been talked to ever since word got out about my memory loss.

He talked to me like I was a real adult.

And somehow I can still remember him asking me how my day was going before telling me something very special.

He said, “If you’d like to try something new, you can get all your memories back and more.” 

It was one of those times where you just get a good feeling about a person right away and you trust them. 

Still, I didn’t know what was going to happen...

And just like that… he vanished.

I think for a few days I did nothing. 

Saw no-one. 

And I was taken through the motions of my day to day activities and pushed around by some stranger in nursing scrubs until finally, I saw Cody again.

But this time, he was with my husband and my daughter…


​They were taking me back from the nursing home!

I didn’t know what was happening or why they were doing it… but here’s what happened next.

They took me to my house.  And Cody began to explain something to my family.

He showed research from Japan that talks about a new neurotransmitter complex that helps nerve cells communicate in the brain.

He said most cases of memory loss are simply because the brain is shrinking down in its ability to communicate with itself. 

“DMAE will help that.”

It’s currently being studied for serious memory loss treatment  because it helps to promote use of the hippocampus (which is the area of the brain especially just for memory). 

He continued talking about the size of the brain and how a simple vitamin deficiency could be what’s making my brain look like a raisin…

One by one he talked about how his researchers had discovered a combination of natural solutions that would help me. 

My daughter piped up and said, “Look, my mom isn’t some guinea pig.  If there are side effects to this, we’re out.”

But he said there were...

No side effects at all.

Absolutely none. 

You see the biggest problems for the aging brain are stress, shrinkage and a lack of neurotransmitter activity.

So to support a good memory, you have to attack each of those. 

And until now, the only way to do it was one at a time…  

So you have medications for…


Stress… and…

Neurotransmitter deficiency.

...but nothing fixes all three at once… Until now!

As Cody put it, you can combine them but only when the result is all natural.  

Otherwise many of the chemical compounds created by the big pharma industry can do more harm than good. 

As his explanation came to an end, none of us were quite sure about the science. 

After all, we’re just regular people.  I stayed at home with the kids all my life and my husband has worked in the school system for 40 years as a history teacher.  We’re not scientists.

So all we could do was put our trust in Cody and simply...

Give this a shot.

And we did.

So he put the mixture of his solution into a small capsule and gave us enough to last us for a month. 

He gave instructions to try it and call him if we needed anything.  The little capsule was given to me and washed down with a glass of water and that was that…

A few minutes later he was gone.

The next morning I woke up.  Everything from this time is hazy, but my daughter says I started making sounds.

I was given another glass of water with the capsule and throughout the day she said I seemed less stressed… even happier.

Each day I got a little better...

And that went on until the 7th day when, like a strike of beautiful summer lightning, I looked at my daughters face and recognized her. 

“Cindy!” I said, smiling and laughing. 

I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten her name in the first place.  It seemed so funny now. 

She broke into tears, saying, “Mom!  You remember me?  How is that possible?”

And day by day my memory got better until the month was up. 

So we called up Cody and told him to come over.

When Cody returned and he couldn’t believe how well his solution had worked. 

He said to me, “we need to run some tests to make sure this is for real.”

And that’s what we did.  I went back to the doctor at the gosh-awful nursing home I used to live at and had them run my brain through some tests.

He too, was shocked.

“This is amazing”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” the doctor said.

He told us my brain looks like a healthy, full and BIG brain of someone who’d never had memory troubles before in their life. 

In fact, he said if he didn’t know any better, he might think he was looking at a brain of some smart person in their 30s...

And yet it was only a few weeks ago that I was so bad I could barely remember my own name…

It was then Cody started to check on some of the other people in the nursing home that he’d contacted when he first came there and said hello to me.

Low and behold each one of them was back to their old selves…

And even the people who were much better off than me were just simply smarter and happier and doing much better in terms of their memory.

With all this supporting evidence, it was clear that Cody had to get this out to as many people who struggle with memory issues or are afraid of memory issues - so that everyone could benefit from this amazing solution.

I urged him to share it with everyone possible.

And he agreed under one condition... For him to make this available to you, I would have to share my story here.

That’s why I have made it my life’s goal to share this with you and to help Cody spread this solution to as many people as possible.

Because the fact is...

Memory problems are skyrocketing...

For people over the age of 65 over the next decade and beyond, it’s terrifying.  The statistics will almost double every 20 years, reaching 75 million in 2030 and 131.5 million in 2050.  So you’re at serious risk right now.

It’s going to get bad…

Unless you do something now...

Which means if you don’t do something about your memory today, it is very likely be you who ends up going through what I went through.  Especially if it runs in your family.

Trust me, you don’t want to know what it’s like to be left alone in a nursing home without any memory of who you are or where your family is.

And you don’t want to dream of living life completely dependent on others… worse off then you were as a newborn baby in diapers… like I was...

Imagine the embarrassment and shame you will cause your family if you don’t do something right now.

The only way to save yourself or someone you love is to use the same solution I did…

It’s called...


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With the Neuro + IQ solution at your side, in just a few days you will:

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​​And you will be free of worry because you know that you are safe from losing your mind

the same way I did…

Neuro + IQ is the capsule that helps to protect your brain from shrinkage, stress, and neurotransmitter deficiency.

It adds defense and support to every single aspect of your brain health so that you protect yourself from the risk the loss of memory…

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So simply ask yourself a question:

What is just one memory worth to you?

Whether it is the first date with your spouse…

When your first child was born…

The first time you fell in love…

What are these memories worth to you?

Most people would say they’re priceless and there is no price they wouldn’t pay to keep these safe in your mind. 

And to...

Protect yourself from ever losing them.

But you won’t pay just “any price” for Neuro + IQ. 

One of the conditions both Cody and I agreed on when we decided to release this to the world was that we would make it as inexpensive as humanly possible so that anyone who wants it can have it .

Which is why when you get a month’s supply, you won’t pay what they charged monthly for the nursing home:

a price of $7,500

You won’t even pay the daily rate of $248

You won’t even pay half that.

Because we are going to give you Neuro + IQ for just…

A one time price of $29 

That’s $1 a day! 

Here’s what to do next.

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That’s right. 

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Try it for the next 180 days, we’ll only consider what you pay today a deposit. 

If for whatever reason you’re not absolutely thrilled with the memory improvements you see in just the first few days, then I encourage you to reach out to use through email (which we’ll give to you after you make your order) and let us know. 

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While your brain shrinks…
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I know you don’t want that for yourself and I don’t want it for you either. 

Remember once more, there is a 6 month window of 180 days before you make a decision.  There is absolutely no risk so why not move forward with your order of Neuro + IQ?

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I guess it’s better than doing nothing, but do you really want to do that when none of those are guaranteed? 

You realize when you pay for those, there is no getting your money back, no matter what hellish side effects they create in you.  Side effects like diarrhea,vomiting, nausea, fatigue and insomnia…

If that’s what you want, then I can’t help you.  But I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t try this instead…

There are very few guarantees like this in life…

This is a supplement engineered to support your memory and solve your aging…

By all means, if you want to live without that… or at least the chance to experience that… then do whatever you feel like…

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Will you do what you know you have a responsibility to do… for yourself… and… for everyone whose life depends on you… your memory…

Or will you leave here… and wait until the day where you don’t even remember that you read this page?  Is that really worth risking?

Don’t let that happen.  Just try this so you can know what it’s like to be free...

Look, I have done everything I can to steer you in the right direction.

With that, I wish you the best of luck, whatever you choose.

Good luck to you whatever you decide to do…

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Learn More About This Powerful Supplement:

Q: How many bottles should I order?

The most popular order for new customers is the 3 bottle package, and that's what I recommend to start with. Since it is Risk Free for 180 days you have nothing to lose. However, because we have many repeat customers, we offer the ability to save 10%-50% per bottle when you sign up for auto-ship so you can take advantage of the even deeper discounts.

Q: How many bottles should I order?

Check out the product label for complete information about his powerful product.

Q: What makes your products better than anyone else?

Our products are created without any fillers or additives. Additionally, our Neuro+IQ contains all the neuro activating vitamins that have been studied. This allows our Neuro+IQ work better and faster! Our products contain no additives and/or fillers.

Q: How long does it take for your product to ship?

Our products typically ship within 3-7 business days for orders within the U.S and between 2-4 weeks for anywhere outside of the U.S.

Q: Can I be set-up for automatic shipment of your product?

Yes; We have an option for you to pay for 1, 3, or 6 bottles recurring monthly shipment of our Neuro+IQ. You can stop these monthly shipments at any time by emailing customer service at support@sciencenaturalsupplements.com

Q: Where does your product ship to?

We ship all over the world to 36 countries: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Q: I have heard that many supplement products contain EDC, a harmful solvent used during manufacturing. Does your product contain this?

No; We do not use this in our manufacturing or any product therefore our products do not contain EDC.

Q: Can I take Neuro+IQ with additional medications?

Please consult your medical physician for any questions pertaining to the use of this product when used in addition to additional medications.

Q: How long will it take to begin noticing the effects of Neuro+IQ?

The actual timing for the product to begin working will vary depending upon the individual and his/her metabolism. We generally begin to see results in overall focus and energy within 2-3 days when eating right and taking the correct dosage daily.

Q: How many Capsules should I take each day?

The recommended consumption of our product is 2 pills per day. We suggest that you begin by taking one pill each day (with a meal) until your body adjusts to the product. Once you feel comfortable, you can begin to add an additional pill each day for improved results.

​Q: What time of the day should I take this supplement?

There is no set time for which you should begin taking this product. Rather, personal preference is advised. Please ensure the supplement is taken with a meal and not on an empty stomach. Should you decide to add an additional pill to your daily regimen (for a total of 2/day) you can take these together, or you may take one in the morning and one in the evening!

180-Day Guarantee

GMO Free Products

Made in the USA

GMP Certified

FDA Facility


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