Chef Reveals Eating the right food at the right times, with the right supplements, loses the fat belly, reverses type-2 diabetes and
lowers blood pressure…

Without working out and while saving money…


Until about a year ago I was desperate…

Over the course of 5 years I’d gained 30 pounds…

Each year you gain a pound or two, and before you know it your belt is too tight and you are buying new jeans:

Unfortunately, you have dieted, ate the standard American diet, and have a strict health routine – but it doesn’t matter…

The weight gain comes any way…

But it’s not your fault.

However, if you learn to break the rules…

You Can Press the “Undo” Button on Fat Gain

I heard about this strange solution…

It’s a got a weird name…


I started reading the unbelievable success stories flooding the internet.

Lose weight eating delicious food?

Without traditional dieting or exercise?

​However, there was a huge, frustrating problem…

Most of the Keto programs out there are more of a “why should” instead of a “how to”…

They were missing the hard facts – they were missing real, flavorful, tested recipes…

In fact, most of the recipes I found were hard to follow…

There’s no way to know if these recipes even worked at all…

One day, I was walking through a packed health conference, when I overhear a funny, personable guy chatting about “Keto,” with his thick, Southern accent…

That’s when I met Chef Bobby.

Chef Bobby had just catered the Country Music Awards and was talking about sharing his keto recipes with one of the Country Music Stars.

But what impressed me most is how he lost over 70 pounds of FAT!

He went from this to this... in just 22 Days!!! 

Just look at the picture!

After meeting Chef Bobby

I knew I had found the missing key to this “Keto” puzzle…

And the solution to losing my stubborn belly fat…

I was so intrigued…

​I invited him over to eat with my wife and me.

He offered to cook one of his delicious,

Meals that would show me how he ate and how he lost his double chin...

The Dinner was Loaded with Flavor-Rich Foods and Delicious Fat.

While we ate dinner, Chef Bobby told me his own story…

​He was overweight, and UNHEALTHY – his blood sugar was constantly high – and he used to have Type-2 Diabetes…

He told me even though the restaurant industry tells you they are serving healthy food, THEY ARE NOT!

And on top of that…

Pharmaceutical companies are spending BILLIONS on marketing drugs that only help you ​only after you’re sick…

Doctors know nothing about preventing disease, only treating it…

During dinner, Chef Bobby told me all about his version of Keto – things you can’t find online
Chef Bobby explained…

​"The reason this diet is called 'ketogenic' is because it allows the body to shift its fuel source from carbohydrates (bad) to FAT (good) and, in so doing, creates ketone bodies (Ketosis)."

This fat comes not only from your diet, but your own fat storage - belly fat, waist, hips, etc.


This was the answer I was looking for…

However, Chef Bobby had a new problem that he thought I could help him with...

He had done the research on how to make his keto program better…


learned that if you…

Add Supplements and You Get FASTER RESULTS!

For Example: Turmeric, Fish Oil and Coconut Oil. Work Together to Cut Inflammation and Burn Fat Faster!

You see... inflammation is considered the root of all disease…

It plays a major role in several diseases, including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and several other chronic, degenerative conditions…

Combining turmeric with the Keto diet SUPERCHARGES the anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve the pain in your joints…

Secondly, Fish Oil and Coconut Oil are also part of the Big Picture…

Turmeric works best when paired with fat in fish oil and coconut oil…

Studies involving the use of fish-oil with a Keto diet also show a better effect on lowering cholesterol than with an ordinary diet alone…

They help maintain a healthy omega-3 to omega-6 ratio when following a high-fat diet…

Which is critical, because Western diets tend to be higher in omega-6 fatty acids (found in foods like vegetable oils and processed foods) – and lower in omega-3s (found in fatty fish)…

Supplementing with Coconut Oil helps keto dieters because it can quickly increase your fat intake – which also increases ketone levels even more so – helps you stay in ketosis…

MCT oil has been shown to increase the release of two hormones that promote the feeling of fullness in the body.

All of a sudden, you’re burning a TON of fat without moving a muscle…

After listening to Chef Bobby, I chimed in and told him I owned an awesome supplement company and…

If he would help me with my diet, I would help him get the supplements he was looking for.

Mission Accomplished!

So, we put together all of his knowledge and experience about the keto diet, and…

with my supplement company with the best Turmeric, Fish Oil and Coconut Oil and…

We Created the ...

A plan for the average person.

A plan for the home cook... not complicated, but simply put where anyone could follow...

This was the secret discovery I were looking for!!!

Created BY A CHEF...

FatLicious is a guide book supported by awesome cookbooks designed to give you delicious food in the fat-burning lifestyle...

It includes: 

The FatLicious Guide Book, Real Chef Recipes, and Pre-Selected Keto Supplements Are the Answer.

Chef Bobby is a Chef who knows great tasting food.

Not some random fitness “guru” who claims to have the answer…

You lose weight and get healthier…

WITHOUT: Sacrificing Your Favorite Carbs,

Desserts OR Doing Long Boring Exercise Sessions!

And you don’t give up your favorites such as pizza, biscuits and pasta!

NOW… I'm extremely passionate about getting this into the hands of a million + people as fast as possible (I like to set big goals).

I want to make sure ANY person at ANY age will be able afford it and benefit from it…

And to make this better, the solution was right in front of our eyes…

We found that…

Supercharging Your Keto Diet with Supplements Will Give You Better and Longer Lasting RESULTS…

These 3 Supplements;


  • Turmeric for Inflammation Reduction,
  • Omega 3X for Healthy Fats,
  • And Coconut Oil for the power Fat Burning MCT's

Are the icing on the cake for the Fat Burning Keto Program.  

They were just what Chef Bobby was looking to add to his special program…

And Today We are going to show you how you can get these and the Chef Bobby’s KETO DIET… at a HUGE over 75% off DISCOUNT!

But First.... How much is a complete health transformation really worth to you?



Can you really put a price tag on your health?

Whatever price you put on all this, you’ll know that taking immediate action will be the most important investment you make in your whole life.

By doing nothing you leave yourself open to spending a fortune on medical expenses in the near future.

It’s a small investment now that will pay off huge in the future.

Really, it adds up.

How much would you pay to DESTROY fat cell growth, and fit back into your jeans?

My associates have recommended that I set the price of this Keto weight loss system and the Keto Supplement Health Package at $120 for a 30 day supply…

And many of my clients have told me they would happily pay twice that after seeing the results themselves…

But as you’ve probably realized by now, the last thing on my mind is making money.

Money is certainly not my incentive now…

So, I’m not going to ask you to pay anything close to $250 for this system today…

I’m not even going to ask for half of that.

Today instead of Paying $250 or even $120, you can get started for as little as $29 for a full months supply of Fat Burning Supplements and the ENTIRE KETO CookBook Library!

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Grab It TODAY While You Can...

Right Now the FatLicious System Is,
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That’s Right, it’s FREE!!

Like I said, you get the following: 

Plus Here's a little more detail about the books themselves...

  • All-Inclusive Guide is REAL SUPPORT, not just a list of Do’s and Don’ts
  • ​Learn to Burn Your Stored Fat
  • ​Naturally Get Rid of Cravings
  • ​Balance Your Hormones
  • ​Guide to Intermittent Fasting
  • ​Prevent and Beat Chronic Diseases
  • ​Stay Full All Day
  • Control Your Insulin and Blood Sugar
  • ​Simple Charts Showing Foods To Eat and To Avoid
  • ​Pink Salt and its Benefits

KETO Recipes Taste Better with these
5 Awesome Keto Cookbooks.

Cookbook #1

Soups, Salads, Sides & Extras

Cookbook #​2

Spices and Sauces

Cookbook #​3

Dips, Butters & Desserts

Cookbook #​4

Beef, Chicken & Pork

Cookbook #​5

​Fish & Seafood

​​Some Recipes Include:

  • ​Garlic Cheddar Cauliflower Rice
  • ​Cajun Zucchini "Tator Tots"
  • Chef Bobby's House Seasoning
  • Homemade Mayonnaise
  • Low-Carb Ketchup
  • Keto Ranch Dressing
  • ​Comeback Sauce, Buffalo and BBQ Sauces
  • Salmon Cream Cheese Cakes
  • Lemon Ranch Baked Halibut and Cajun Shrimp and "Grits"
  • Mama's Roast
  • Thai Style Keto Fried Rice
  • 5-Spice Oven Ribs
  • Grass Fed Beef Pizza
  • Mama's Egg Custard
  • Chocolate Heart Fat Bombs
  • ​Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

In Case You Want to Print Recipes...

($50 Value)
Easy Printer Friendly Versions of All 5 Cookbooks
  • Convenient Flexibility of Printing Individual Recipes
  • ​Take Printed Recipes to the Kitchen
  • ​Protect Your Digital Equipment from Spills and Accidents

​Cheat Sheets & Bonus Items

​Bonus #1

​FatLicious Kitchen

​Bonus​ #​2

​Handy Conversion Charts

​Bonus #​3

​Eating Out on FatLicious

​Bonus #​4

​Food Cravings' Guide

​Bonus #​5

​Triggers to Store
or Burn Fat

​Features Include

  • Chef Bobby's Kitchen Equipment for the home
  • Complete Printable Conversion Charts
  • ​How to Eat-Out on FatLicious gives tips and tricks to help when eating out
  • Printable Cravings Guide explaining what cravings really mean
  • ​Printable Food Trigger Guide to show which foods store and which foods
    burn FAT.

So, again…

Combine the Ultimate Keto Program this with the
Keto Supplement Health Package
Lose Weight Fast and Save Up to 75%

Save 75% on Supplements Plus
Get Your Free Keto Guide Book,
5 Keto Cookbooks & 5 Bonuses
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When you order the FatLicious System now, you can get an incredible deal on the Keto Supplement Health Package …

What is it worth to you to change your life in less than a week?

To lose stubborn fat using a scientifically tested system, while eating delicious FAT-filled food?

That’s a great question.

But allow me to ask you an important question…

Can I take all the risk for you?

Why?  It is simple...

I don’t think price should be a 
factor in your decision…

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Sound fair?


To get started, simply click on the button below, fill in your details, and
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5 Keto Cookbooks & 5 Bonuses
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So Right Now, You Have Two Options


You can shut your eyes to the opportunity for dramatic weight loss…

And waste your money on drugs and programs that cannot, will not, and never will help you lose weight…

Do you really want to play fast and loose with something as important as your health, and that of your family’s, for the sake of a few bucks?

Let Me Ask You Again

Do you really want to sit there and do nothing, and continue to allow extra fat to destroy your body…

And send you to an early grave – leaving your friends and family behind?

This is the frightening reality facing more and more folks every day…

And there’s a good chance it could be your reality, too, if you decide to continue down your current path.

Or There’s Option 2.


And let’s face it, this is the only option you really have.

Right now, I’m giving you the chance to not only burn fat by eating fat…

​But be able to look in the mirror and see a leaner, happier you…

While saving hundreds, or thousands of dollars on medical bills in the process…

And you can do all of this from the comfort of your home, starting today.

Thanks to ​this AWESOME Keto system, I’ve lost twenty nagging pounds of pure fat…

And Thousands ​of People Have Improved Their
Health With the Help of FatLicious and the Keto
Supplement Health Package.

This is your chance to join all of these people…

But time is running out quickly…

This website could be removed at any time, and multi-billion-dollar industries would rather I not make this breakthrough easy to buy.

​So Make The Right Decision

Make the best decision, for yourself and your family…

Hit the button below and put our system to the test completely risk-free for a full 180 days – and start waking up optimistic about life…

The way you deserve to…

And prepare to be amazed.

This has been Cody Bramlett, and I look forward to hearing about your own success story very soon.


​​Cody Bramlett
​(Science Natural Supplements)

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5 Keto Cookbooks & 5 Bonuses
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​100% Money Back

After you order any of our Products today, if you are not completely satisfied, simply contact me within the next half a year and send it back in any condition and I will see that you get a complete refund with no questions asked, no hassle whatsoever.

That’s 180 days to experience the amazing future you’ve been reading about.  If you’re wondering why I am doing this, the answer is simple: I believe in these products, so I am willing to take All The Risk so you will start living healthier today.

If you are wondering why I am doing this the answer is simple.  I believe in these products so much I am taking ALL THE RISK so you will start living healthier today.

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