Supplements and Medications: Knowing When Brand Matters

In general, generic drugs are less expensive than most name brand options, especially when reviewing over-the-counter options. With the same active ingredients, generic supplements and medicines may be the right choice for you and your budget. Still, it is necessary to understand that there is a difference between name brand and generic options. To understand if generic is the best choice for you, it is essential to understand the differences. You must inform yourself of the issues to know when you can afford to opt for the generic or when you should take the name brand.

The Difference 

Before a new drug or supplement ends up in the market, it undergoes a lot of testing and scrutiny with the FDA. The company that invents the original formula is given a patent for a specific number of years where they are the sole producer. Once the patent expires, other companies can manufacture similar products with the same active ingredients.

It is essential to understand the difference between active and inactive ingredients. While the assumption is that active ingredients are what make medicine or supplements effective, the inactive ingredients can play a role. Sometimes a generic form of medication works just as well as the name brand, and other times it does not. The key is determining when inactive ingredients matter.

Brand Names Sometimes Matter 

Inactive ingredients can affect the rate of absorption for active ingredients. When using medication for preventing seizures, for instance, your doctor probably has expectations for how a dose is affected by the secondary components. Therefore, when prescribed a specific brand name from your doctor, it is best to stick to it, but if you cannot afford the name, consider asking your physician for a generic alternative. Not every generic is created equal, and your doctor will know that.

The Price 

The assumption is that generic drugs are cheaper than name brands. While that assumption is correct in most situations, you need to consider that the competition in the generic market can still lead to cost increases, especially when a generic brand has cornered the market. If you are struggling to keep up with your prescription costs, then consider talking to your doctor or pharmacists about possible alternatives or options.

Pharmacies Matter 

When considering the price, you also need to think about the location. Every pharmacy is different. You may be able to purchase anxiety medication at one place for four dollars with insurance, but another pharmacy is charging $20 or more. It is necessary to shop around. You may be able to afford name brand medications.


The vital thing to remember is that you have options as a consumer or patient. While not every generic brand is created equal, most medications or supplements have more affordable alternatives. Even when you must purchase a name brand, you can still be selective about the pharmacy, looking for the best deal possible

Name brand supplements and medications are often an unnecessary luxury, but sometimes they do matter. The important thing is to know when the expense matters and the best way to determine that is by consulting with a medical professional. If you enjoyed this post, continue reading Science Natural Supplements Blogs.