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Why We Love Coconut Oil So Much

Coconut oil has huge quantities of MCT, also known at medium-chain fatty acid. MCTs are much easier for your body to convert into energy than other kinds of fats.

Coconut oil basically helps your body burn more fat, faster, which makes you lose weight and have more energy. Coconut oil also has a world of other benefits to love:

Improved cell function: MCT goes straight to the liver and transforms into ketones, which are little packets of energy your cells turn into ATP, their fuel.

Heart health: Coconut oil is a great source of this heart-healthy good oil. HDL lowers your risk of heart-disease significantly. Because you burn through coconut oil so fast, it also doesn’t raise your levels of negative cholesterol – as long as you take the right amount.

Increased immunity: The lauric acid in coconut oil creates monolaurin, both of which are natural defenders against microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

​Coconut Oil Means Losing More Weight the Natural Way

​Coconut oil is a major help when losing weight when because of the ketones and MCT we talked about.

​Burn More Fat Every Day

​With the superior energy production of ketones, and an increased metabolic rate because of better pancreatic function, coconut oil helps you burn more fat than normal.

Eat Less and Still Feel Happy

​​The abundant ketones in coconut oil have a natural hunger-reducing effect. You’ll still be able to eat healthy meals, but you’ll feel more satisfied and less inclined to reach for that secret stash of cookies.

​Love Your Slim Waistline

​Coconut oil helps you rock the sleek waistline you want in a heart-healthy way. Since MCT fatty acids burn instead of accumulating, less fat gets stored in areas like the midsection and waist.

​What’s the Best Way To Consume Coconut Oil?

​To get all these amazing benefits of coconut oil, you need to go straight to the source.

Our coconut oil supplements are made 100 percent from organic cold-pressed coconut oil, filled with nutrients and free of GMOs.

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​Coconut Oil Gives You More Energy For Your Day

​Many athletes are major proponents of coconut oil, especially when it comes to strenuous activities. Ketones transform rapidly into usable energy, helping the body perform at peak condition.

You get all this energy without relying on tummy-increasing carbohydrates.

Having more energy is helpful for everything from running errands to keeping your focus at work.

Ketones also pass through your body’s blood-brain barrier, boosting mental energy as well. That increases concentration, memory, problem-solving and overall brain cell function.


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Coconut Oil is the Rosetta stone of weight loss

​Boosts Weight

​49 overweight men and women, aged 19-50, consumed either a medium-chain-triglyceride oil or olive oil as part of a weight-loss program. The MCT group showed lower end body weight and greater fat loss than the olive oil group after 16 weeks.

​​​Suppresses Appetite

​​15 adult women with excess bodyfat consumed a breakfast with either 25 mL of virgin coconut oil or 25mL of extra virgin olive oil. Four hours after consumption, the women who consumed the breakfast with virgin coconut oil reported greater feelings of fullness, satiety and fewer feelings of hunger than the control group.

​Decreases waist size

​116 mature adults with coronary artery disease participated in a 2-phase study. Phase 1 consisted of diet modification. Phase 2 randomly assigned participants to either a diet-only group, or group that followed the same diet, but also consumed regular doses of coconut oil. At the end of 6 months, the group that consumed coconut oil significantly decrease their waist circumferences and raised their HDL (good) cholesterol, compared to the control group.

​Increases HDL (Good) Cholesterol

​​In a randomized, double-blind trial of 67 adults with at least one impacted molar, patients were assigned to take either ginger, ibuprofen or a placebo. At the end of the 5-day trial, ginger was found to be as effective as ibuprofen in reducing pain.

​Reduces the effects of stress

​​24 mice were given either saline, diazepam (prescription antidepressant) or virgin coconut oil for one week before completing a forced swim test, a standard method for measuring the effect of stress. Both the diazepam group and the virgin coconut oil group demonstrated significantly fewer signs of stress and depression than the control group, as well as lower levels of inflammation and higher levels of antioxidants, which help prevent damage from free radicals.

​Protects the liver

​​​20 rats were divided into four groups which received one of the following twice daily for 7 days: nothing (control), TMP-SMX (an antibiotic with toxic effects on the liver), virgin coconut oil or virgin coconut oil and TMP-SMX. At the end of the study, the rats receiving coconut oil and TMP-SMX had fewer liver-damaging factors than the rats who only received TMP-SMX.

​Only Quality You Can Trust

​Quality makes a tremendous difference. We use only superior-grade, non-GMO ingredients.

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Get up to 4 FREE Bottles of Coconut Oil

Yep FREE! Save Up to $235 Instantly!

You won’t believe how incredible you’ll feel after trying Coconut Oil!

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