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Start This Year With Smart Healthy Eating Choices

Jan 19, 2021

Start This Year With Smart Healthy Eating Choices

"This year, I'm going to lose weight." How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said that? The problem is that weight is a lot easier to gain than it is to lose. When many people don't see those quick results - dropping a size or X number of pounds - they tend to give up. The key is to first stop the accumulation. So instead of focusing on weight loss, let's make the first goal stopping weight gain. Here are some tried and true suggestions to get through this year without gaining unwanted pounds:


1. Get outside and move, especially during cold weather. What does this activity have to do with healthy eating choices? That’s easy, being active triggers positive hormones in our body that lead us to better food choices. Our bodies have intelligence beyond our understanding. When we burn calories with activity or spend time in cold weather, our bodies recognize the need for good nutrition. We make better food choices without having to think about it. Our bodies demand more nutritious foods and all we have to do is go along with the suggestion.

2. Focus our eating on protein-rich foods. Higher protein foods increase our feeling of satisfaction and satiety (feeling full). Instead of having a couple plates of chips and dips and tasty finger foods before a meal, stay away from the kitchen. When it comes time to have the meal, eat more meats and cheeses and stay away from foods made with flour.

3. Get lots of sleep. This advice seems to be unrelated to healthy eating but give it some thought. One of the ways we combat fatigue and lack of sleep is to eat. Our bodies release different hormones when we are sleep-deprived that lead us to eat more carbohydrate-rich foods. If possible, get lots of sleep and take naps when we feel like eating. When we wake up, refer to suggestions number one and two above.

4. Practice moderation, not deprivation. Instead of telling ourselves we are not going to eat bad things during the holidays, go ahead and eat whatever we want. Just eat smaller quantities and focus on smaller servings. We can eat anything we feel like enjoying, we just put it on a smaller plate and leave the guilt behind.

Go worry-free for meals on very specific days, but then get back on the healthy eating habits right after those meals. What destroys our good eating habits and shackles us with unwanted pounds is the grazing we do day after day on goodies we know we should leave alone. Only the best to you for this year. Be Blessed.  

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