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Sleep Better with Natural Supplements

Jun 13, 2018

Sleep Better with Natural Supplements

Let’s face it: we live in a world where sleep sometimes seems like a privilege rather than a right. While this isn’t always the case, many things cut down on our ability to sleep well. Noise pollution, light pollution, all the screens we constantly look at, excessive use of coffee and energy drinks, and simply not having enough time in the day to perform all the tasks we need to do, all contribute to a poor night’s sleep. Add to that the fact that the fast-paced lifestyle most of us live leads to stress, which also keeps us awake at night, and it’s no wonder so many people live every day with fatigue!

How Can I Sleep?

This seems to be the question that everyone is talking about. There are nearly as many people answering the question as asking, and a huge range of products and ideas to try to help people sleep. Obviously, your sleeping environment helps, including a good mattress, a quiet, calm environment devoid of light, and making sure that you cut down on screens before bedtime. While it may seem strange to some, having some form of quiet meditation, even for a few minutes, can also lead people to de-stress enough that sleep they might otherwise miss is actually possible.

Taking Prescription Sleep Aids.

Many people also take pills to help sleep. Taking prescription sleeping pills, though, isn’t always the best option. Many of them have a serious problem: your body can build up a resistance to them, leading you to need ever-higher doses. Even worse, once you stop using them, it’s pretty common to find that your body has an even more difficult time falling to sleep than it did before the pills were introduced.

This is because the body likes to take the easy way out. If it doesn’t have to produce a chemical or hormone because it is being introduced regularly by an external source, it won’t. Your body will save its time and energy for something else. This means that while it may be a nice temporary fix to the problem, it can lead to a worse problem down the road. This isn’t to say that this is always the case, or that sleep-aids are always a bad idea. You can and should consult your physician about the issue, but it’s important to be aware that resistance and dependence are fairly common problems.

Antihistamine Based Sleeping Pills

While an antihistamine may put you to sleep, there are a raft of side effects which can include blurred vision, dry mouth and throat, nausea, constipation, clumsiness, dizziness, a lack of balance and moderate to severe drowsiness the next day. These are pretty serious problems, and something that, if you have anything important to do, you will probably want to avoid at all costs. After all, a good night’s sleep usually gets rid of all of these symptoms, as these symptoms come from a lack of sleep, as well!

Natural Sleep Supplements

One of the better ways to go is taking natural substances which do not mimic or replace the body’s chemicals, but rather supplements them to give you what you need to fall asleep naturally. There are a number of natural products that help the body, rather than fool it. Two of these supplements, valerian root and melatonin, are proven to be effective as sleep aids. When combined with other things, such as B6, calcium, magnesium, tryptophan amino acid, chamomile, and other things, the body is given a multitude of helpful substances to provoke its own systems to send you off to a blissful slumber.

How Do These Natural Sleep Supplements Work?

Each of these natural sleep supplements involves different chemicals and modes of action. Ideally you want to take a good blend, which will calm and relax you, give your body extra building blocks to catalyze sleep hormones, and help block the effects of stress. They are obviously not to be taken when you need to stay alert, though this isn’t as urgent a caution as with prescription or antihistamine-based sleep aids. By helping to calm the brain and promote serotonin production, your ability to sleep can come easier. It’s best to combine multiple techniques with such sleeping aids for maximum effectiveness. For example, the melatonin that your body produces needs darkness to be triggered until the levels are suppressed by the light in the morning. Adding a bit of melatonin at the right time will simply increase your levels (it’s one of the things your body doesn’t stop making if a bit more is added!) and help you to fall asleep easier!

Sleep Away

Getting the right environment and helping your body to fall asleep on its own, rather than forcing it, is always the right decision. Make sure that you allocate enough time for your sleep as well. While a natural sleep aid will help you to fall asleep and stay that way, no sleep aid in the world can give you more time to sleep if you don’t give it to yourself! Next time you feel stressed and are worried about falling asleep, try a natural sleep supplement. You just might wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

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