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Shaky Hands Aren’t Usually a Sign of Parkinson’s Disease

Sep 29, 2020

Shaky Hands Aren’t Usually a Sign of Parkinson’s Disease

If your hands shake sometimes, should you be worried? Probably not. There are many reasons why anyone can experience shakiness from time to time.

Why Your Hands Shake

Hand tremors are more common than you probably realize. Here are several reasons why they can happen:

  • Too much stress: Anxiety throws your nerves into overdrive, which often leads to shaky hands. The same thing can happen when you’re really angry or depressed.
  • Certain medications: Some medications have shakiness as a side effect. For example, medicine used to treat depression may provoke tremors.
  • Blood sugar imbalance: When your blood sugar drops, your muscles can run out of fuel and start to shake randomly. This is more common if you skip meals or take insulin.
  • Complete exhaustion: If you’re having trouble sleeping or you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, don’t be surprised if your hands shake during the day.
  • Too many cups of coffee: Any kind of stimulant that gives you energy can also provoke tremors if you overdo things — coffee and energy drinks especially. In simple terms, they cause involuntary muscle spasms.

Some people have a condition called essential tremor. Scientists don’t know much about what causes it other than it seems to be inherited. If trying to tie your shoelaces causes shaking, you may have essential tremor. It’s not dangerous, but it can become frustrating if left untreated.

Tremors: Not Usually From Parkinson’s Disease

The first thing that people think of when noticing shaky hands is Parkinson’s disease. If you’re worried about it, I can tell you that Parkinson’s is actually very rare. Less than 1% of people have it. It’s much more likely that something else is causing the problem, such as medication, stress or essential tremor.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with asking your doctor to check for other symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as severe muscle weakness. There are a number of medical treatments available to alleviate tremors, including ones caused by Parkinson’s.

6 Things You Can Do About Normal Hand Tremors

Here are a few things I’ve recommended in the past to my patients. Many people are surprised how much they help the shakiness go away:

  • Cut back on caffeine: Try to drink less coffee, black tea and carbonated beverages, and steer clear of energy drinks completely.
  • Get more sleep at night: Getting a good night’s sleep rejuvenates your body and restores the energy for your muscles.
  • Balance your blood sugar: Include plenty of healthy greens in your meals every day to stay in control of your blood sugar.
  • Drink something calming: If you feel like stress is the culprit of your shaky hands, enjoy a relaxing cup of peppermint, chamomile or valerian tea before bed. Aromatherapy with lavender or citrus fragrances can also be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Ask your doctor if you can switch medications: It’s usually possible to switch to a different medicine or reduce the dosage a bit to get rid of shakiness.
  • Take care of your thyroid: Thyroid imbalances can cause shakiness (plus high blood pressure and insomnia). Good thyroid health depends on important nutrients such as iodine, zinc, iron and selenium.

Natural superfoods can be a big help with these goals. For example, if you need a hand controlling blood sugar levels, moringa can be a phenomenal solution. This exotic plant also fights inflammation, enhances mental performance and protects your thyroid.

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