Science is Finally Catching Up: 3 Ways Turmeric Is Showing Promise in the Lab

Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain and Inflammation Several lab studies have focused on the effects of turmeric with osteoarthritis. This joint condition is helpful for measuring the effects of turmeric on pain and inflammation, because osteoarthritis causes chronic and acute pain. The results of these studies are incredible: Curcumin is just as effective as Ibuprofen […]


Headache? Try Turmeric Instead of Ibuprofen

Did you know practically everyone will experience a headache at some point in their life? While occasional headaches are normal and don’t usually interfere with normal daily activities, chronic headaches can reduce quality of life. When headaches occur repeatedly, they indicate a headache disorder. Headache disorders can be disabling and cause a lot of personal suffering. They […]


Probiotics and Digestive Health

Many issues with the digestive system arise due to an imbalance in gut bacteria. Probiotics are live microorganisms that help redress this balance by promoting the growth of good bacteria that helps the system function. Probiotics are available in some types of fermented foods such as yogurt, or via food supplements. According to the 2012 National […]


How To Ease Your Arthritis Pain

At this very moment, more than 54 million people are experiencing discomfort and/or pain from arthritis. If you are one of them, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce your discomfort and live a more pain-free life. While there are many different medications you can take for arthritis, there are also non-medicinal things you can do […]


5 Ways to Feel Better & Lift Your Mood

Here are five great ways you can feel better and lift your mood…self-care is very important, especially in these difficult times! 1. Get Out of the House It’s normal to want to curl up in your bed when you’re not happy or energetic. However, staying in your house is likely to make your depression even […]

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