Just what is turmeric and why is it good for me?

Turmeric is the main spice in Indian curry dishes and is often thought to be the most powerful herb known for fighting and potentially reversing disease.  The benefits of turmeric have been researched and written about in thousands of articles and research papers.  This herb is a phenomenal, natural ingredient to add to recipes and […]


Does CBD really work?

Who hasn’t heard about CBD oil lately?  What is this stuff and does it work?  Why would someone want to take it?  There are so many questions, let’s work through a few of them.CBD, or cannabidiol, started gaining widespread use about 25 years ago as a potential beneficial substance for our health interests.  Although not […]


It’s not your fault, testosterone naturally decreases with age

Haven’t we all seen the commercial that tells us our testosterone is lower than our Dad’s was and our Dad’s testosterone was lower than his Dad’s was?  Unfortunately, in most cases, that is true.  Average levels of testosterone go down with age and have been going down for decades.  But that doesn’t have to be […]


Benefits of Moringa on Prostate Health, Erectile Dysfunction and Fertility

In the East, practitioners of natural medicine use moringa for a variety of wellness reasons. From feeling and looking years younger to leveling out your blood sugar, incorporating a moringa supplement into your daily regimen can create an avalanche of benefits for your well-being. And if you’re a man, those healthy advantages only increase.What Is […]


3 Foods That Are Great for Your Microbiome

Your body contains various systems that help it survive and thrive. Some of the most well-known include your skeletal, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestive systems. For these systems to function optimally, they need to be healthy and well-balanced. Your digestive system is particularly sensitive to microbial imbalances. It contains a microbiome that needs to be fed […]

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