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Digestive Enzymes: What Are They, and Should You Be Taking Them?

Digestive enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that do what their name suggests: Help the body digest food. Though the body does produce this protein on its own, some people may need more help digesting food than others. This is where over the counter and prescription digestive enzyme supplements come in.What Are Digestive Enzyme Supplements? Typically, […]


Does B-Complex Actually Do Anything?

Should you make getting enough B vitamins a priority? Absolutely. In fact, B vitamins are considered essential nutrients because your body needs them but can’t produce them on its own. These days, many “health food” stores have endless rows of B-complex bottles that promise to give you every B vitamin you could ever want. Do […]


How Turmeric Can Help Respiratory Health

The respiratory system is a biological system in the body that’s composed of several organs. These organs work together to take oxygen into the body and expel carbon monoxide from the body. They include the lungs, trachea, pharynx, bronchi and larynx.  When the respiratory system is healthy, you can breathe freely and easily. When the […]


Does Stress Make It Harder To Lose Weight?

 If you feel stressed sometimes, you’re not alone. According to American Psychological Association, 75% of Americans experience the effects of stress each month and 45% have trouble sleeping at night. Did you know that persistent anxiety can make reaching your weight-loss goals much more difficult? The reason this happens is a hormone called cortisol. Any time […]


Can Moringa Oleifera Prevent Cancer? Scientists Are Optimistic!

At Science Natural Supplements, we’re pretty careful when it comes to sharing health-related claims. We believe it’s important to make sure real science backs up the traditional wisdom of millennial superfoods. However, some new discoveries have us so excited we just have to share! Did you know that many scientists believe that Moringa oleifera leaves […]