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Average EPC: $2.06

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Mark Your Calendar: Contest Dates

Contest Starts:

Monday November 12th, 2018


We are giving away $25,000 in cash prizes, Plus a HUGE CPA that will fill your pockets just in time for the start of the holiday season!

 Be on top of your game, and win BIG CASH!

Contest dates are:

Start Date: Monday November 12th 12:00 am EST

End Date: Friday November 16th 11:59 pm EST

$20,000 in GRAND PRIZES

Based on Overall Most Customers Sold During Contest Week**

First Place


Second Place 


Third Place 


Fourth Place 


Fifth Place 


$5,000+ Mini Contest Prizes!

Daily Prizes

Here are our Daily Prizes...

(limit 1 win each affiliate level)

  • $50 for 20 sales (up to 3 winner daily)
  • $100 for 50 sales (up to 2 winner daily)
  • $250 for 100 sales (up to 1 winner daily)

Single Day Flash Contest Prizes

(we'll announce the day before flash contest)

  • $500 whoever reaches 500 initial sales
  • $500 bonus for the 39th sale of the day 
  • $5 Commission Bump for First Affiliate to Reach 100 Sales for that Day, $5 Bump will apply to all affiliate sales for that day!
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    $500 to whoever Gets the most Upsells
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    Plus 2 More Secret Mini Contests Announced the Day Before


  • Prizes are based on no minimum qualifications!!  We are Giving Away Money Regardless.

  • Flash contests have minimum sales and condition listed above and in details when announced

  • **Total initial sales throughout the contest.

  • Contest runs from November 12th-16th 2018 (we reserve the right to extend the contest time frame, for more flash contests but not the Grand Prizes)

  • All sales are based on a tracking system.

  • Contest winners will be announced no later than October 28th, 2018.

  • HAVE FUN!!!

Always Here For You

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